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For thousands of years, herbs have been used around the world to heal, cook, and enhance overall well-being. Nepal being the treasure trove for medical herbs (Ayurvedic Jadibuti) and aromatic plants, is renowned across the world. For centuries, Nepal has exported it’s highly valued forest products to neighboring countries including India and China. It is estimated that Nepal has the potential of 2,000 MAPs and non-timber forest products (NTFPs). Among them eight hundred nineteen have been identified of which over one hundred sixty-five are commercially traded in market. Nepalese herbs are found in the foothill of the Himalayan region in...

Message From General Manager

Sangita Yadav

The cultivation and processing of medicinal plants have huge potential in both domestic and international markets. Future growth of herbal-based industries can reduce dependence on other nations for medicines and cosmetics, reduce poverty, generate job opportunities, and raise export to the country.

As General Manager of HPPCL, I am committed to exploring future opportunities for herbal products in both local and international markets, as well as expanding the company’s product portfolio. I want to ensure all stakeholders that with your help and encouragement, we will overcome all internal and external problems and push our organization to new heights.

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French Basil

Annual grass production- 40 tons French basil is an annual herb that grows up to 50cm in height. HPPCL has...Read More


Annual collection Target-........Ton (Target being fixed) Eucalyptus leaves are collected from community forestry area, forest land and private cultivated area...Read More


Annual grass production-352 tons Palmarosa is a long slender stemmed terminal top perennial herb. It grows up to a meter...Read More