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1,600kg of Chamomile Oil on Sale @ Rs 50,000/kg. Offer valid till stock lasts.    Notice for Distributor    70 ton of Rosin, 4,000 ltr of Turpentine oil on sale    Please contact Sales unit of HPPCL ([email protected]) for details   
On Sale

The following essential oils and herbal products are now available for sale. Interested buyers (trading , cosmetics, pharmaceuticals companies) are requested to contact HPPCL for more details:

1. Chamomile oil - 1,600kg @ Rs 50,000/kg

2. Rosin - 70 tons

3. Turpentine oil - 4,000 liters

4. Lemon grass - 1,700 kg

5. Citronella - 5,500 kg

Dr. Sindhu Prasad Dhungana

Mr. Gyaneshwor Karki
General Manager

Information Officer
Mr. Rewati Raj Adhikari
Information Officer
[email protected]