Tamagadhi Herbal Farm

Tamagadhi, Bara

Tamagadhi Herbal Farm is the  biggest farm in Nepal having 333 hectare   land. It is situated at Terai belt (about 100 msl) which is 280 km for Kathmandu city.

It is the main production center of HPPCL where Citronella, Lemongrass,Palmarosa, Mentha, Chamomile and French basil are cultivated in large scale. About 20 tons of essential oils of aforesaid crops is produced per year. Under the technical guidance of HPPCL, the farming of these crops are carried out by landless or poor people inhabiting near by the farm. Processing of harvested grasses in done by the company itself.

Essential Oils:

Anthopogon oil is obtained by steam distillation of the aerial part of . .....More

It is obtained from the flowers with stalks ofMatricaria chamomilla L. .....More