About Us

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants are the valuable forest resources of the Kingdom of Nepal. It has had a good recognition in the Indian market since ancient times. According to the Hindu mythology Lord Dhanwantari had invented cure of living creatures from the Himalayan Herbs. The highest peak of the world, Mt. Everest, and a series of Himalayan ranges found in the country are symbolic of the existence of valuable medicinal and aromatic plants.

During the past days the country had significant role in trading of crude herbs; till date about 700 varieties have been identified.

The major thrust of the nation is to process these natural resources domestically balancing their depletion in nature with regeneration.

The Inception of Herbs Production & Processing Co. Ltd.

A new chapter in the history of Herbal Extracts and Essential Oils commenced with the establishment of Herbs Production & Processing Co.Ltd. (HPPCL) in 1981 as an undertaking of Nepal Government.

After thorough research and dedication of the national core of scientists under the Department of Medicinal Plants, this company was founded.

HPPCL is the first company in the country to harness the rich treasure of herbs and aromas for processing and producing Medicinal Extracts & Essential Oils for drug, food and perfumery industries within the country and abroad. The painstaking research on selected herbal resources and flora of the country by modern scientific methods resulted the introduction of the production of selective medicinal extracts and essential oils on a It commercial scale.

At present this company is capable of exporting indigenous products like Lichen Resinoid, Sugandha Kokila Oil, Tagetes Oil and Jatamansi Oil as Well as exotic varieties such as Palmarosa Oil, Citronella Oil, Lemongrass Oil and some crude drugs to neighboring and third countries.


The company produces Essential Oils and Medicinal Extracts using indigenous Himalayan herbs and exotic conventional vegetal materials as raw materials. The sources of raw materials are cultivation in its own farm, private farmers land and collection from wild sources.


l. Cultivation of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants:

The company owns an area of 359 ha. in Tamagadhi Farm and 70 ha. in Belbari Herbal Centre for cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants.

About 600 families are involved in the cultivation and processing business as outgrowers for the company.

2. Production of Essential Oils and Medicinal Extracts:

Central factory of HPPCL is located at Koteshwor, Kathmandu for processing of naturally occurring medicinal and aromatic plants. It has processing and production units in every farm and also in the private sector growers’ vicinity.

3. Quality Control:

Quality analysis of every product is carried out in the central laboratory at Kathmandu prior to storage and shipment.

HPPCL’s activities are the outcome of the dedication and commitment of 160 employees and about 5000 herbs collectors.

4. Marketing:

The company has been exporting the products to France, Germany, Spain, U. K. etc. in Europe and to India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia etc. in Asia and Pacific.

Commitment to Quality:

Quality assurance at HPPCL is a unique sequence of scientific norms with regard to international standards and trade practices and providing guarantees for customer satisfaction.

Distribution Practice:

A marketing network ensures the prompt supply of products to our customers.

Shipment of the consignment:

For the European, American and other overseas markets, the products are dispatched by air as well as sea while products for the Indian market can be dispatched by road/train as well as air.

Essential Oils:

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